We are a private non-profit organization,  with 501(C) (3) status ,  initiated in the United States to support and promote a state of law and practical judicial reform. This organization has no political affiliations. We are dedicated and committed to promoting and facilitating access to an already limited range of judicial services, as well as ducational outreach programs. We are fundamentally inclusive and will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, or religious affiliations.


We want to be a reliable source of support for comprehensive legal and justice reforms, as well as promoting small pockets of judicial reform at a time.

The goal is to increase knowledge, implement preventive education, built coalitions to push small pieces of reform at a time, to arrive at a greater reform needed throughout the system.


We definitely believe in the power of “one” but we also have a deep faith in what can get done when different groups, strategically, pull together to advance an agenda. It can also provide a platform with comprehensive experience, sharing education and opportunity to advance causes for reform; for the greater good of the people.


Civil Society, Jurists and Lawyers, Human Rights Organizations, the Bar Associations, Governmental Agencies, and other non-profit organizations.