In March 2016 in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, in collaboration with Boston University school of Law, The Coalition hosted and  organized an international forum on human trafficking to sensitize Law students on the issue.

In August 2014, we organized a public town hall/conference with a panel of five senatorial candidates in Haiti to address issues related to justice,  security, governance, peace and election.

The Coalition for Law and Justice Inc was established in 2010 to promote human rights and democratic principles. The Coalition for Law and Justice was created to provide a platform whereby professional organizations can collaborate to work towards a common goal for the reform of justice systems and the promotion of basic human rights.

Our agency organized a conference in November 2010 to discuss the crisis in Haiti, and how Haitians in the Diaspora can contribute meaningfully to rebuilding Haiti. The Coalition hosted direct talks between the presidential candidate, at the time, and the Haitian Diaspora. This initiative was taken as a springboard to stir up dialogue and exchange of views and ideas on issues directly related to Haiti and Haitians in the Diaspora.

Our Community outreach strategy was intended to facilitate the integration of Haitians Diaspora as one major player in influencing positive change in Haiti. Haiti, post earthquake has been a challenging period for all. The Coalition for Law and Justice, Inc. advocated for the people of Haiti to be involved in the decision making process and issues affecting their daily lives.  Our agency has been involved in advocating and educating Haitians in the Diaspora about the plight of their fellow Haitians in Haiti.

One of our agency objectives was to provide an opportunity for members of the Diaspora to express their views about the future of Haiti, and fighting against the policy of exclusion that has been long practiced in Haiti Earlier, in August 7, 2010, the Coalition for Law and Justice issued a press release in which it made clear that the Coalition recognized and supported genuine democratic elections as a legitimate and effective means for voting political leaders into government positions. A press release was published in an effort to settle the political controversy which was predominant in Haiti during the summer of 2010. The political quagmire stemmed from longstanding frustration against the political establishment and skepticism of free and open elections on the island.

The rebuilding process during the post earthquake era in Haiti was at the discussion- point phase. The Coalition understood that it was necessary to recall the commitments made by the commission lead by Former President Bill Clinton as well as the international community. The Coalition addressed a letter to Mr. Clinton as the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations in Haiti. A copy of the letter was sent to the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean Max Bellerive, and also Mr. Banki Moon, the General Secretary of United Nations.  It was crucial to call to the attention of President Clinton on the pledges taken by the international donors for the rebuilding of Haiti.

The Coalition for Law and Justice (CODJUST) conducted multiple assessment trips CODJUST travelled to Haiti to assess the Country post earth quake situation. Indeed David Petit-Frere founder of CODJUST travelled on several occasions to Haiti to observe and assess the environments and living conditions in the tent cities in Port au Prince. In Boston Massachusetts, CODJUST also facilitated small group discussions and meetings pertaining to social quagmire in Haiti.

Bateyes trip, summer 2011

One of our members, Political Scientist Joe Maleus travelled to Dominican Republic on behalf of the coalition to research and assesses problematic of the people living in the Bateyes in Dominican Republic.

The impact of our programs and activities are as follow:

  1. The Coalition for Law and Justice, Inc. received positive feedback and comments from our targeted population
  2. The organization also received media coverage from six news sources , both in Haiti and in the United States informing the public about the organization’s programs and activities.